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Toxlist also contains some additional data bases, possibly of value to people that wish to dig deeper. Their respective search pages will open in a new window.

These data bases are:

The list of REACH pre-registered substances per 25 May 2009. It is unique in the sense that it contains the official EC name, EC number and CAS number of more than 146,000 chemicals. It is ideal if you know one but not the other(s). EC numbers sub-categorise as follows: EINECS numbers start with a 2 or a 3; ELINCS numbers start with a 4; NLP numbers start with a 5; substances which had only a CAS number and no EINECS/ELINCS number yet start now with a 6, while substances without any number now start with a 9. Note that the numbers starting with 6 or 9 are for administrative purposes only. They have no official status and should not be mentioned in official documents such as safety data sheets.

The data base of registered phase-in substances. It lists all substances which have a REACH registration dossier. It contains their official EC name, EC number, CAS number and the type of registration dossier (full, on-site isolated intermediate or transported isolated intermediate).

The Danish EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) data base contains to date (first quarter of 2011) the EC name, its Danish synonym, EC number, CAS number, classification(s) and structural formula of some 30,000 substances. These classifications have not been peer reviewed but are the result of QSAR (quantitative structure-activity relationship) calculations. The Danish EPA is an expert in this field and claims that the results of these calculations are 80% correct.

The list of references standards as supplied by the EDQM contains the proposed hazard classifications of some 2550 different medicinal drugs with their main impurities. The EDQM is a part of the Council of Europe and is responsible for the European Pharmacopoeia. The data base contains the internal EDQM reference code, name, signal word(s), pictogram(s), hazard statement(s) and precautionary statement(s). These statement(s) are as yet only by number, while there are no CAS or EC numbers either. The full statements (instead of the numbers) can be found on Wikipedia

Acknowledgements go to ECHA, the EU agency responsible for the REACH and CLP Regulations, for the list of registered phase-in substances and for the list of pre-registered substances.

ToxList is an initiative of Stadex Nederland BV.