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Useful links

For a number of substances the EU and other authorities have reviewed all available information. These monographs are called RAR’s  in the EU, or SIDS’s when they have been compiled by the OECD. These reports (and others) can be found via the OECD eChemPortal at

General background information, but largely not peer reviewed, can be accessed via Toxnet at

An excellent source for peer reviewed information is HSDB, which can be accessed via either of the two above references. It contains monographs on many chemicals.

ECHA is the EU agency concerned with chemical substance registrations (the REACH regulation) and classifications (the CLP regulation). You will also find here the current official SVHC list (substances of very high concern). Home at

The SIN-list with its unofficial but widely accepted substances of very high concern can be found at




ToxList is an initiative of Stadex Nederland BV.