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The data base can be searched by name and synonyms, CAS- and EC number, or part of those. If you cannot find a certain chemical by searching via one option, try the other options. If a chemical appears to be absent, then it will be (for the time being) okay to use.

Acids, hydrides, chlorides, etc. are in the data base divided from the remainder of their name by a space. Therefore as an example "boric acid" will give you a hit, but "boricacid" will not. On the other hand "trialkylboranes" is one word. Thus if you are not certain about the spelling, please try several. The search should not contain any /, * or $ sign or any Greek symbol.

Toxlist contains to date (SVHC list per January 2015; CLP Regulation up to and including amendment ATP V) over 8000 different chemical substances. Note: The EC number includes both anhydrous and hydrated forms of a substance and consequently the entries cover both these forms. The CAS number included may be for the anhydrous form only, and therefore the CAS number shown does not always describe the entry accurately.

Toxlist incorporates previous versions of the SIN-list. However, the Sin-list version 2.1 from
February 2013 and the following version from October 2014 could not be incorporated for technical reasons. It should be searched separately at

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ToxList is an initiative of Stadex Nederland BV.